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PHP Archive (.phar) Attaching with ZF2
PHP archive aka phar is a stream wrapper which can serve any packaged PHP library efficiently. To create a phar document for a library (not for web output or for cli executable) is simple as pie like – $phar = new \Phar('target-location-where-to-save.phar', FilesystemIterator::CURRENT_AS_FILEINFO | FilesystemIterator::KEY_AS_FILENAME, 'optionalPharAliasName'); $phar->buildFromDirectory('source/lib/path'); After creating phar document, file can use to attach […]
PHP Debug efficiently with debug_backtrace
Hello today I write a small function for debug your PHP code. Its simple but powerful – $bkTrace=function ($stack) { $output = ''; $stackLen = count($stack); for ($i = 1; $i < $stackLen; $i++) { $entry = $stack[$i]; $func = (array_key_exists('class', $entry)?$entry['class'].'\\':'').$entry['function'] . '('; $argsLen = count($entry['args']); for ($j = 0; $j < $argsLen; $j++) { […]
Image size for social media (like facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, pinterest, instagram, youtube) profile and other picture
As we faced many problem to work in social media about size of profile picture to use. Here is the dimension that analysis by renowned email marketing tools provider constant contact. Also I add some value to enrich the list – Facebook ———————— Cover photo 815×315 Profile photo 180×180 (display area 160×160) Fan page profile […]
Batch file that will create skeleton directories of ZF2
After a long time write a batch file to create a skeleton directory for Zend Framework 2 module. Hope it may help someone who work in windows 7 OS @echo off @setlocal ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION @rem this file will create required empty directory of a ZF2 module @rem author Shahadat Hossain Khan ( ECHO. IF "%~1"=="" GOTO […]
Install Zend Framework 2 into Windows IIS
Install ZF2 into IIS is very easy just within few steps. You all need the latest version of ZF2 and latest version of ZF2 Skeleton and latest version of PHP. After that copy ZF2 into certain path of ZF2 skeleton's vendor directory.
ckeditor installation into drupal with imce
As a professional app developer, I faced to install ckeditor into drupal many times. Each times I need to dig again and again to its working. So, now I think I have to write it down that will help me and others too😉 Install ckeditor into Drupal with IMCE Its simple two step > Download […]
pure-ftpd status error– dead but subsys locked
I start digging the init script and perl script for the problem. And find that in init script there has line which checking the status of "" not pure-ftpd daemon!!! So, I just change to check the status of pure-ftpd instead checking status of "".
Normal user privilege problem for using WiMax USB Modem in windows 7
Please follow the steps to get work for all of user of your computer -1. Install your modem with administrator account as usual normal installation. Nothing special while installation process.2. Now go to the folder where you installed your modem and change security settings.3. Add your user's for permit to use modem with read-write permission to that folders & its content's and sub-folders.4. Then go to windows firewall settings and add your modem software permit for both communication of home and public.
How reduce your image size without losing quality for using profile picture of web page
Many of us worry about our picture that is too big size. Some website didn’t permit big size image to upload as profile picture. Some website has some restriction and limit on file size. You need to determine what type of restriction that website has. There are three types of restriction. They are – 1. […]
Font chooser macro
When we need a fine font for specific text we need to write down the text and test the text by changing its font. Its time consuming. So, I make a small macro in microsoft word by VBA macro that prompt you to input the text and draw that text by assigning all available font […]