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Copy large amount of file to remote server using nohup tar and ssh
This command will copy large amount of file to remote server by compressing and decompressing on the fly. It saves time and bandwidth. It will execute in background, so you can detach current login session. nohup sh -c “tar -c /any/directory/at/source/server/ | gzip -2 | ssh server-alias ‘cat | tar xz -C /target/directory/of/target/server/'” > /dev/null […]
add new hard disk into ubuntu more than 2TB size
lsblk will list available device parted /dev/sdd considered device “sdd” from lsblk output (parted) mklabel gpt(parted) mkpart primary ext3 0 100%(parted) print(parted) quit mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdd1 this command will format this hard disk into ext3 file system as we instruct by parted command mkdir /home/data mounting point directory creating mount -t ext3 /dev/sdd1 /home/data mounting formatted […]
recursive change group and file mode in linux and detach active login session
change group nohup sh -c “find /any/path/that/need/to/change/* -group mygroup -exec chgrp www-data {} \;” > /dev/null 2>&1 & traditional way nohup sh -c “chgrp -R www-data /any/path/that/need/to/change” > /dev/null 2>&1 & change mode nohup sh -c “find /any/path/that/need/to/change/* -perm u=rw,g=r,o=r -execdir chmod g+w {} \;” > /dev/null 2>&1 & traditional way nohup sh -c “chmod […]
Changing ZF2 Core 2.4.13 Zend\View\Helper\HeadLink::createDataStylesheet
class: Zend\View\Helper\HeadLinkfunction: createDataStylesheetphp version: 7.3 public function createDataStylesheet(array $args) { $rel = ‘stylesheet’; $type = ‘text/css’; $media = ‘screen’; $conditionalStylesheet = false; $href = array_shift($args); if ($this->isDuplicateStylesheet($href)) { return false; } if (0 < count($args)) { $media = array_shift($args); if (is_array($media)) { $media = implode(',', $media); } else { $media = (string) $media; } } […]
Install php 7.2 ssh2 in ubuntu 16x
recently i need to install ssh2 connection through my php code to connect remote server by sftp for file transfer. i’m using php 7.2 and face a “sigment fault” issue for normal installation. i solved this issue by install required demon. hope it may help someone who face same issue. first you need to install/upgrade […]
changing zf2 core 2.4.13 Zend/Stdlib/ArrayObject.php
class : Zend\Stdlib\ArrayObject function: unserialize($data) php version: 7.3 previous (original) code /** * Unserialize an ArrayObject * * @param string $data * @return void */ public function unserialize($data) { $ar = unserialize($data); $this->protectedProperties = array_keys(get_object_vars($this)); $this->setFlags($ar[‘flag’]); $this->exchangeArray($ar[‘storage’]); $this->setIteratorClass($ar[‘iteratorClass’]); foreach ($ar as $k => $v) { switch ($k) { case ‘flag’: $this->setFlags($v); break; case ‘storage’: $this->exchangeArray($v); break; case […]
kill mysql process which is ideal for N seconds
step 1: login mysql through putty step 2: execute – SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(‘KILL ‘,id,’; ‘ SEPARATOR ‘ ‘) FROM information_schema.processlist WHERE time > 500 AND user<>’system user’; step 3: you will get a string as output. copy that string and paste into mysql command prompt and press enter… nJoy
going to change ZF2.4.9 core
I decided to change ZF 2.4.9 core. I know its a wired decision. But I don’t have any choice, cause they didn’t provide any release for PHP 7x. But the change will noted in this site by adding post for future. Today I’m changing – class: Zend\Validator\EmailAddress function: idnToAscii($email) and function:¬†idnToUtf8($email) Previous (original) code – […]
Hello world!
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!
change mysql data directory ubuntu 17.xx
Follow¬† NOTE: you can skip empty directory (/var/lib/mysql/mysql) creation script in ubuntu 17.xx version. Then try to start mysql server. If fail then log messages are telling you that /usr/sbin/mysqld needs read (r) access to open /proc/14767/status, /sys/devices/system/node/ (trailing slash because it wants to read the directory), and /proc/14767/task/14767/mem. The file to edit is /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld. […]